The precise and delicate act of balancing all sonic elements of a piece. Mixings breathes dynamic life into the final product—riding waves of emotion, allowing silence to speak out loud.


It is essential to our stories we hear our dialogue as clearly as possible. At the editing stage, I take tedious care of every vowel and consonant, blending smoothness with consistency, coalescing a variety of sounds and scenes into a comprehensive whole.



Imagine Star Wars without the pulsating buzz of lightsabers or the screech of a TIE fighter. This is the power of sound design.  No matter the medium, great sound design immerses audiences in our stories, suspending disbelief and inspiring awe. 


Imagine Stranger Things without the streaks and squeals of the monster, imagine Star Wars without the pulsating buzz and whirrs of lightsabers. This is the power of sound design. A colossal amount of ingenuity and hard work goes into the creation of sonic landscapes. No matter the medium, great sound design immerses our audiences in the stories and sucks us into the world we create. 
From a simple field-recording to a full band set up, the art of recording is where it all begins. If we start with precision audio, the end results are remarkable. 


That feeling when the chorus hits as the credits roll? Oooh yeah. That’s the power of well-edited music and effects. When picture and sound become one, moments land fully.


Too windy, too verb-y? Interference? Lav hits? Production woes be gone! There is wizardry happening in audio technology. Noise reduction software has come a long way, with experienced engineers at the helm, “fixing it in post” is possible.